Precepts of Excellence – A Practical Guide on Excellent Living

This highly inclusive volume elaborately expresses God’s perspective on excellence with numerous patterns, prophecies and precepts from the word of God.

The book deals thoroughly with the various reasons and excuses that make people wallow in mediocrity. No overlooking the author lays precept by precept, the steps and conditions for overcoming all possible challenges on one’s way to excel in life.

Excellence is not for the selected few. It is God’s perfect will that every one turns out great in life. But His precepts are the yardsticks and determinants!

Whatever your present goal: BECOME A BETTER PERSON, MINISTER OR PROFESSIONAL, GAINING NEW GROUND, CONSILIDATINGON AN ACHIEVEMENT OR GOING ALL THE WAY TO BECOME A WORLD CHAMPION, these precepts when worked out will ensure your expectations are not only met but surpassed!