Positioning for Massive Manifestations

What a generation we are! What a time to live in! Without mincing words, what a glorious future ahead until the coming of our Lord Jesus! I believe that is what the Lord is conveying to us with this prophetic message of “Massive”.

Whatever has happened in terms of glory from the Garden of Eden till now in the lives of the saints of old must become child’s play compared to what is happening in our days. It’s time for the prophecies of the glorious last days. It’s time for the mountains of the house of God to be exalted above all other mountains.

It’s time, like never before, for the old men to have dreams and young men to receive visions. It’s time for the glory of the latter house to surpass the former. in a nutshell, it’s time for massive! ‘Positioning for Massive Manifestations’ is a prophetic book with clear instructions on how to walk in the manifestations of God’s glory in these days.